Xerox® PrimeLink® C9065:C9070 Printer Sales Lease Rentals



Welcome to JR Copiers, your leading Minnesota independent copier lease dealer. Here you’ll find straightforward and transparent copier and printing lease options for your office. Use our Instant Quote form to get our low copier lease rates. We offer copier lease solutions for startups and growing businesses.

What is a copier lease and why would anyone lease a copier instead of buying copiers for sale?

A photo copier lease is an excellent investment for your organization if your print quantity is greater than 2,000 prints monthly or if your office hinges on multiple scans per day. Companies with big workgroups also profit when they rent a copier that’s developed to take care of several print tasks being sent out to the print line at the exact same time. There are other benefits such as tax obligation reductions that aren’t available when you acquire a printer or photo copier, but the Most Vital Factor is Photo Copier Service.
Our solution as well as maintenance for a photocopier or printer includes every one of the printer toner parts as well as labor. So essentially resembles having a guarantee that consists of the printer toner for the regard to your lease. Our maintenance program also consists of same-day service as well as in the majority of locations we offer a 4-Hour optimum response time.

Xerox Xerox® PrimeLink® C9065/C9070 Printer Sales Lease Rentals
Xerox Xerox® PrimeLink® C9065/C9070 Printer Sales Lease Rentals

In The Print Game

One of the most important things that we tell our clients is to really consider if printing is a permanent fixture in your business. If printing is present in your business today and in the foreseeable future, then there are only a couple of considerations we would recommend. Analyzing your cost per print and striving for Five Star copier service to avoid costly downtime.

Cost Per Print/Copy

If you don’t already lease a copier today then you might already know that there is a correlation between the number of prints you can make before you have to purchase yet another toner cartridge. This is called the toner yield.
Most manufacturers make a claim of an estimated number of prints, but these numbers are rarely seen and toners are very expensive. When you read the fine print you’ll see that these estimates are based on a 5% page coverage. We have found that the average new customer would spend around $0.20 per print. This did even include any form of support or service.

Equipment leasing is a type of financing in which the small business owner rents the equipment rather than purchasing it. Business owners can lease expensive equipment such as machinery, vehicles, computers and other tools needed to run a business

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