Laser Printer Repair

If you’re looking for the best printer repair company in the Twin Cities, you should check them out before you make the decision to service your office printer.

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Copier & Laser Printer Repair

As I said above, a local company that maintains Xerox printers is Minneapolis – St.Paul, while your laser printer has no maintenance contract. Call JR Copier and look for HP Printer Repair at the commercial printer workshops in Minnesota. When you select this one company, you know the service engineers are trained and have the ability to successfully repair every printer model manufactured.

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JR Copiers refurbish’ printers and provide drop-in service for HP printers and other printers from other manufacturers. We offer drop off service, repair and refurbishment of printers for many different brands like HP and Xerox printers.

We offer printer repairs because we hear from a number of our customers all the time that they ask them where they can have their printers repaired. 

** JR Copiers does not advise repairing the HP inkjet printer, as most repairs cost more than the printer is worth. Discount laser printer dealers are a good deal, but actually you could save money with an authorized resellers.